I really fell in love with lingerie during my early teens. Like so many before, my very first bra was one my mother bought for me. Off we went to our local specialist lingerie boutique (the internet was not around then) where I was dutifully fitted, and the expert declared me a 36C. (being properly fitted by an expert has come a long way since the mid 80`s”). Being a Head Designer, multiple brand owner and de-facto bra fitter, I can state categorically it should have been a 32E or even 30FF!

 I really had far too much of a bust for that to be my first bra, but bralettes had been my ‘go to’ until that point. (these weren’t bralettes, but crop-tops, normally from M & S, as other stores with a lingerie dept. were thin on the ground at the time)

The brand that adorned my boobs back then was “Rosy” – originating in France and established in 1947! I just had a google and came across an article written in 2014 by the fabulous  blogger Cora Harrington (“The Lingerie Addict”) – a  Lingerista extraordinaire and expert in the world of boobs, bras and knickers. This article link can be found here if you are interested to find out more on the history of this French lingerie.


Through my eyes this bra was a canvas, a piece of art. The fabric, mink coloured, soft silk with mesh inserts along the cup neckline that had a beautifully delicate embroidered flower in shades of pink, green and cream. The bra was non-wired and even after many years, remains inspirational for parts of the Tutti Rouge non wired bra collections. I remember trying it on and feeling comfortable, delighted, even joyous! - Not just the beauty of the workmanship but the way it worked, allowing my boobs to feel supported and ‘in place’. This moment probably forged my vocation and how beautiful lingerie can make a woman feel.

I still have that bra – it hangs in my bedroom, I still admire the design and beauty of “Rosy” - my first bra. 😊

- Jessica P









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